Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Caiden's Hope Charity Auction Event July 28

Southwest Airlines announced today that they are donating two airline tickets to fly to any Southwest Airlines destination to the First Annual Caiden's Hope Silent Auction Event.

Where will you fly?  Boston, Seattle, Chicago, West Palm Beach? The choice is yours!

The First Annual Caiden's Hope Silent Auction Event is scheduled for July 28, 2012 and is being hosted by the Spaghetti Company in Ventura, California.

Guests at the event will also have the opportunity to bid on a designer handbag donated by Lauren Flury Handbags, two different Harley-Davidson scale replicas donated by Power Sport Models and a host of other items donated by Ventura, California merchants. 

Additional merchandise will be raffled off during the event including a $50.00 Shell Gas card.

Everyone is invited to the event which opens at 11:00am.  

Guests must provide a flyer which can be printed at www.caidenshope.org to their server.



Saturday, April 28, 2012

Caiden is Standing!

Caiden is standing!  This week Caiden has started standing by himself.  Just when we think he will start crawling, he chooses to stand instead.  God is blessing us.  

~Proud Grandma Terry

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Caiden's audiology appointment was pretty uneventful.  He didn't like Dr. White putting his hearing aides in just like we expected, and took them right back out in less than 1 second.  He will sometimes leave them in depending on how distracted he is.  Not today!  And he was mad at her.  She could tell right away that there was NO WAY that he was going to tolerate a hearing test.  So I suggested that she do the hearing test the next time that he goes to the O.R.  She did that a long time ago and that is the ONLY way she is going to get it done.  She agreed and said that she will e-mail ENT (ears, nose, throat) who we see next week and let her know what she wants to do. 

Other than that she checked to see that his hearing aides are still a good fit, cleaned them, and put new batteries in.  

The picture above is what you do when you forget to pack toys! 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lauren Flury Handbags chooses Caiden's Hope

Lauren Flury Handbags is debuting a new line of women's handbags and has chosen Caiden's Hope as one of five charities to be considered for support during their first year.  

Please visit www.facebook.com/laurenfluryhandbags.  Like the page and vote for Caiden's Hope.